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Holiday Letting

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Holiday Letting and Property Hosting Services

Holiday Letting and Property Hosting Services
Your Place is an Award Winning Establishment.
Hosting Services

Hosting Services

Have your property managed and share your space to earn from holiday letting
Holiday Letting

Holiday Letting

Rent a luxurious home for you and your family and book “Your Place” for the holidays.
The Owners

The Owners

Monica & Ray are experienced in property maintentance and holiday rentals.

About Hosting Services

Share your space and earn extra money from Holiday Letting. No matter what kind of home or property you have to share, Your Place Solutions can help you with your property hosting, every step of the way.

Your Place Solutions
offer experienced holiday rental management, a simple, cost-effective way to ensure that your property is run efficiently at all times. YPS hold a range of services, from active marketing across social channels to day to day maintenance, booking management and guest services. Find out how to Host with Your Place Property Management.


Guests can view properties for holiday letting and can then contact you directly for bookings. Choose your own schedule, prices and requirements for your guests.

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If you would like to learn more about hosting your property through Your Place Property Management, please don't hesitate to complete the contact form below.



Thinking of Short Term Rental?
So you have been hearing about airbnb and all the success stories how people are creating financial freedom by letting out part of their homes or their second homes.  So you start doing research.  Although hearing all the hairy stories about bad guests makes you think “is it really worth it?”  Having strangers stay in your space using your things, sleeping in your beds? NEVER!!!!  Ask us we were there….  When we built our house we said never in a million years!!!!
You see letting out part of your home or your second home, apartment, bungalow whatever it is.  This is a conscious decision.  Only once you have made the decision will you be able to embrace the business of short term rental.  You have to embrace it completely.
If you are considering rental at all you would have probably thought about long term rental as well.  There is mixed feelings about long term vs. Short term.  Long term rental might be less hassle in the sense of not having to worry about towels or linen.  Short term you have to think of so much and the market is so competitive.  
Big concern regarding holiday let is time?  Where am I going to get the time to manage the check-in /check-out?  I don’t have time to respond to emails and inquiries. My property is too far to manage as a short term rental.  I have no clue about how to create the best listing.  How do algorithms work?  You wonder how people get those professional looking photos on their listings.  There is a lot that goes into creating a holiday let.  It’s worth the time.  Your listing is your biggest sales person.  It’s what sells your property.  Questions start popping up like: “How are you going to clean your property?”  How many towels should there be?”  What linen should we use? The list goes on…..  
All these things are small in the impact they have on their own.  However all of these things together is what makes your listing an average listing to a money making machine.
If you are thinking of getting rich quick and this is the ideal way out.  Sorry to say it’s not a get rich scheme.  Your will not pay your home off in 12 months.  It’s possible however to change your return of investment from maybe 3% per year to maybe 15% a year or more.  Depending on what your requirements are, and what your desired market is going to be. It’s all about thinking out of the box, and not selling yourself short, lots of work and loads of determination.
If you do feel that you would like advise from someone that has done this before and can do the number crunch for you to help you decide if you would like to do it or not.  You can contact Your Place.  They have done this before; they will give you 3 brief scenarios on your property.  Your Current situation, if you did long term let, max potential on short term let and minimum goal with short term let.  It only costs a nominal admin fee to do the analysis.  They will then send you a report with your scenarios and a brief suggestion.

Holiday Letting

We have a beautiful, fully furnished, luxurious apartment to let at Marina Martinique.
Situated on the coastal plain between Jeffreys Bay and Aston Bay in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Your Place @ Kingston

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Your Place Solutions Services

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The Story behind Your Place!

Your Place was born out of hope, love, inspiration, determination and creativity. 
It started when we bought our very own plot and plan! Both of us work in a different country, so thinking of taking on this building project, 1000’s of km away, was intimidating to say the least! Only having visited the site twice, first time was after the foundations were in, the second was just after the roof was fitted with builders plastering the walls and painting the base coat on some walls. We had only 1 day to meet with the cabinet guys and plumbers for us to choose our finishes. Every other design decision was made over hours of internet browsing loads and 1000’s of emails and 100’s of photos.

This home is built out of love. It reflects who we are and what we have become and what we love to do together. As our rather ambitious project went forward questions started arising regarding how are we going to keep our home maintained and looked after while we are not there. This is how Your Place was born. This was the very beginning, without us even knowing it. We have been managing our home 1000’s of km away since the beginning.

Once our home was completed we decided we needed another project. We found the apartment and bought it for Your Place. We did some renovations on her and furnished her. Today she is a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartments also on the Marina. We then decided then to rather use our home as an investment. Your Place signed on their first clients. With us being our own first clients, we have been developing a service for people with the same needs as us. Today we have Your Place Co-host Service and holiday let, and Your Place is still developing. Growing each day!

More about Ray & Monica

Their Experience
Together Ray and Monica have over 30 years of experience in maintenance. Combined, their skills are understandably invaluable to Your Place, and are the foundations of what Your Place is built on.  They are where they are today, not because of lady luck or by chance!  It’s because of years of hard work and dedication that have made them who they are today.  It’s this knowledge and their courage and believes that has motivated them to start Your Place!
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If you would like to contact us directly, please feel free to get in touch, as we'll be happy to assist you with your holiday booking or property hosting. Click here to mail us now!
For all enquiries complete our short feedback form or you can also send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or call us on:
+27 83 315 9615 and +27 83 385 9921